This is my generic gear list for most backpacking trips.  My base weight (what I carry on my back minus food and water) usually sits between 13 and 15lbs.   Feel free to shoot me an email at musthikemusteat@gmail if you have questions!

Snowy Lakes-off PCT north of Cutthroat Pass
Snowy Lakes-off PCT north of Cutthroat Pass

My tent:

Big Agnes Fly Creek 2


I make my own groundcloth; either from compactor trash bags or a cheapo rain poncho opened up and cut to fit.

I also have a homemade hammock setup that I started using last summer. Strictly warm weather so far but I do love it.  I wake up with a LOT less stiffness in the old joints.


My sleeping bag:

Mountain Hardwear Phantasia

My sleep pad:

Cascade Designs Neoair Xlite (small, torso length)

A little beat up after gymnastics on the trail to Barclay Lake
A little beat up after gymnastics on the trail to Barclay Lake

My packs:

Golite Jam  (found second hand on Offer Up) (weekend trips)

Gossamer Gear G4 (5+ days)

My Clothing:




North Face

My shoes:

For most hikes: Altra Lone Peaks I prefer the older models, even the first ones.  And they are cheaper, too!

For snowshoes and trail work: Palladium Pampa

Round Lake off the Suiattle River Rd.
My Altras-Round Lake off the Suiattle River Rd.

Food storage:

Loksak Opsaks They sell two kinds; make sure you get the odorproof bags, not just the waterproof.


My Stove

I am normally a stoveless backpacker on long trips but have started carrying a stove for shorter and winter trips.  I haven’t timed it yet but it heats up pretty fast, works well in cold temps and although I will probably only ever boil water in it, it does have a simmer feature.  I use my SAM splint as a windscreen when needed.

Snow Peak Mini Solo Hybrid Cookset

Snow Peak Giga Power Stove

My compass:

Suunto MC 2 Pro


My filters/water purification (yes, I always carry at least 2 kinds):

Potable Aqua I take the pills out of the glass bottles and repackage in snack bags or film canisters

Sawyer Mini Squeeze Filter

Steripen (check Costco in spring!)

My sports bra:

Juno  Love!  Has held up to almost 3 years of weekly use, plus weeks at a time on trail.

My trowel:

Deuce of Spades

My watch:

Casio Altimeter/Barometer

Beckler Peak
Beckler Peak

My headlamp:

Black Diamond Spot

The socks I hike in 90% of the time:


In the winter I switch to a wool sock, no particular brand.  Often just a REI wool liner.  My mom did get me some colorful Smartwool socks.  They do keep my feet toasty but because I can’t always do the feel of wool next to my skin, I wear the PEDS above as a liner.

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  1. I just scored a BA Fly Creek 2 for $99. I appreciate your gear list as a resource. Pretty happy about it.

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