Vegetable Curry Noodles

Vegetable Curry Noodles


On my snowshoe to Bear Lake up the Mountain Loop Highway, I left my food preparation for that last minute dash out the door. Scanning the fridge for something I could heat up and throw in a thermos, I noticed all the dehydrated ingredients I have from last summer. Hmmm, what could I mix up and just throw some hot water on?

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Some people wonder why you would want to prepare your backpacking meal ingredients separately and this is why.  I have a section in my fridge just for my dehydrated food.  I could keep it on the counter or in the freezer but this is what works for me.  By keeping them in individual jars, I can mix and match my meals!  Plus, some things simply last longer than others and I don’t want to toss out a whole meal just because one ingredient (usually meat) has gone funky (which happens after a year or so, for me).

I find my purple sweet potato noodles at my local Asian market.

For easier rehydration on trail, I prepare them first and then dehydrate them.

For these, I soaked them in coconut aminos  after cooking but before dehydrating to give them a little extra flavor.

You will need:

Dehydrated Curry Sauce

Dehydrated Sweet Potato Noodles

Dried Veggies

Sea Salt

You can find more information about how I dehydrate my vegetables on my post, Eat Your Veggies!, and my recipe for curry on Pumpkin Curry Sauce. You can use a curry sauce of your choice; I like mine because it is nightshade free and already includes coconut milk, as well as nutrition like fiber and Vitamin A.

Before I left the house in the morning, I filled my thermos full with the dry noodles, added about 2 Tb of curry sauce and tossed on some dried vegetables. If using you own curry sauce, you could add powdered coconut milk at this point.  I boiled some water and poured it on top to cover (like you might do on the trail).  I closed the lid and threw it in my pack.

By the time I go to the lake, the noodles were ready for lunch!

I have to say, this was like being able to enjoy Cup O’Noodles again.  But WAY better!

When I go to prepare this for a backpacking trip, I will put the ingredients in a freezer Ziploc bag that I can just add hot water to. Easy peasy!

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