Backpacking Paleo

My first backpacking trip after making the move to follow a paleo lifestyle was pretty interesting.

And when I say interesting, I mean HEAVY.  Lots of cans and fresh fruit and veggies heavy. Most prepared backpacking meals were a NO GO, filled with less than nutritious ingredients and lots of preservatives so I was trying to use the same staples I used at home.


Walking out, my knees said, “Never again.”

So, I took to finding lighter ways to carry my healthier food options besides cans of sardines and bags of cherries. Yes, yes I did.



Heading out for a section…

This meant making my own meals.  I stick to mostly breakfast and dinner for dehydrating and have items like the ones I talk about in Day Hiking Paleo for my lunches.  You can read about my dehydrating techniques on my page Dehydrating 101 but each recipe below and in my recipes section has the details you will need.


Sneaky Turkey Stroganoff

If you aren’t sure DIY is for you, check out my Food and Shopping pages for links to ordering food online.  And if you are interested in a place to chat about being paleo on the trail, head over and join a Facebook group just for you:

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For more of my recipes, head over to my HOME page and click on Recipes in the menu. Posts like Trail Meal Bases: 5 Grain Free Swaps will also help you eat paleo on the trail!

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